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April, 2014

San Rafael


I have had reoccurring, sporadic back pain for 26 years. Maybe caused by skydiving or carrying heavy loads for the better part of 13 years in the Marine Corps infantry. At times the pain would be so intense it was difficult to perform routine functions. As the years passed the pain would come more frequently and the severity greater. I still considered myself somewhat fortunate, normally a heavy dose of prescription pain killer and muscle relaxant would do the trick and I would be back to somewhat normal for a while. Not sure what all that was doing to my liver? I assumed my problem was muscle related.


The last bout I had was the most severe and scary. I was not only experiencing pain in my back but my legs and feet, this had never happened before. Medication barely made it tolerable. Even sleeping was difficult because of the pain. I experimented with a number of different techniques and methods with no real relief. After having my X-Rays analyzed I was informed I have a spondylolisthesis at L5, not a simple muscle problem.


I stumbled onto Dr. Danaher and his promotion of the NUCCA technique. I was extremely skeptical at first. There is a side of me that still considered chiropractic medicine as ‘Witch Craft’. I did my research and found nothing negative. After two adjustments I was up and running again. Now I need an adjustment every 6-9 months and don’t fear another painful relapse. I am not jumping out of planes anymore but I am able to function normally.


Why do I endorse Dr. Danaher and the NUCCA technique? It is safe, non-intrusive and painless. It worked. When I feel my body getting out of alignment I am able to get it adjusted before the extreme pain sets in. I would encourage anyone with back pain to at least try it.






Lynne N.


San Anselmo, CA


After 11 surgeries, including nine in the neck, I still had chronic and severe pain. I had given up, and thought I would spend the rest of my days in my room watching life go by. The surgeons had done their best, the insurance companies had paid nearly two million dollars, and I was still riddled with pain. I felt that this is how my life was going to be. At the time I was using 240 mg of OxyContin per day, and was bedridden.



For two years I had been seeing a chiropractor, who had helped considerably with some of my symptoms, but was still debilitated. I called my chiropractor for additional help, and disappointedly found that he had retired. He had given me partial relief where no one else could. Afraid to try anyone else, I stayed home in misery.



After several months of increasing agony, I was desperate and made an appointment with his replacement. Dr. Steven Danaher informed me that he would only be using the NUCCA chiropractic system with me, and I felt I had nothing to lose.


Within two or three adjustments, I was almost pain free, and it was like a miracle. After three months I was fully functioning and off all meds. Now I play tennis, water ski, and have a wonderful life. I cannot stress enough how anyone with pain should try this at least once. The results will speak for themselves.



Bob S., San Rafael

May 2014


I have suffered from back pain since a 1968 summer job accident. I was on disability for some time and once able to return to college and thereafter would periodically be crippled with lower back pain. If I picked anything up, hanging bag, baby, golf bag, etc., incorrectly I experienced debilitating pain that would last for days. I tried physical therapy, chiropractors, and even contemplated surgery! Then, through an acquaintance, I met Dr. Danaher.


Although skeptical that anything could solve my back problem, I agreed to the pre-therarapy analysis and was impressed with the level of detail, pictures, and calculations that went into the analysis. Dr. Danaher calculated the difference in weight distribution under

each of my feet while standing up. The same device measured angle of hips when standing what I thought was "up straight". I was definitely out of alignment and didn't know it. (Wasn't experiencing pain at the time). After two more visits my back pain was gone. The weight distribution under each foot was the same and my hips were level.


I found that I was pain free for about 6 months before I would do something that would get me out of alignment. I would visit Dr. Danaher and be good for another 6 months. Although difficult to explain how such a noninvasive procedure can have such a positive effect…it certainly did in my case. I recommend giving NUCCA a try…I'm glad I did.





Lois - San Rafael, CA


March, 2013


I was referred to Dr. Danaher by my nutritionist. Over the holidays, while traveling, I had a freak fall getting up from a chair and landed on the side of my head. For a week, I suffered severe headaches and extreme pain in my left cheek bone. I was very concerned that I had a concussion or other serious damage.


I had a full examination and X-rays with Dr. Danaher. He made a very gentle adjustment to my neck and used cold laser therapy on my cheek bone. I walked out of the office with no headache and no pain in my cheekbone (and the headache and cheekbone pain never returned). If someone else had recounted this to me, I would not have believed it. It was obvious that Dr. Danaher's skill and experience enabled him to identify the problem and do exactly the right thing to correct whatever damage or misalignment had been caused by my accidental fall.


I continued to see Dr. Danaher, and he was able to help me with more chronic pain issues from arthritis in my hands and an old injury to my shoulder. Dr. Danaher is a serious, dedicated professional who obviously derives great joy from improving the quality of life for his patients. I have since recommended him to friends and to my husband, all of whom have benefitted from Dr. Danaher's devoted care.


I am very grateful for his help.


Lois S.





Diane, February 2013

Fairfax, CA



Thank you for giving me my life back! After three long years of trying different approaches to heal my neck and back pain, NUCCA was the only effective procedure. It took just two adjustments to heal my alignment problem and my pain. It is hard to believe such a gentle, non-invasive procedure can be so effective, but it is! It is truly amazing. I am very grateful for your help.







Kim J.

San Rafael, Nov. 2011


I discovered (by accident) that a pain I had in my neck and back were a result of a whiplash injury I incurred while surfing over 10 years ago. After a simple set of X-rays it was confirmed that my atlas was out of alignment and that N.U.C.C.A could help me. Although skeptical at first (I had been popping Tylenol and Advil pretty much every day for 10 years), I went to see Dr. Danaher. After a series of several appointments (by the way they are very affordable) I am PAIN FREE. It was so hard to believe that the gentle adjustments were able to do anything at all, let along relieve what became a permanent and nagging pain across my back and shoulders.


Now that I am "straight" I happily discovered other positive affects of this treatment - dropping 10 shots of my golf score the first time I actually was pain free! After years of being out of alignment my body got used to being crooked, and that translated to my golf swing. WOW that was a nice surprise.


What a wonderful non-invasive technique, this is life changing and so simple. No drugs and no operations. I can’t believe this isn't more well known.


Thank you!!




Tess D.

Sebastopol, CA, June 2012


Thank you so much for helping my neck and back pain. This is the best it’s felt in 25 years. I have to admit to being very skeptical that the NUCCA technique could help my chronic neck problem because I’ve been seeing chiropractors since I quit driving for UPS in 1994. I usually always got immediate relief from an adjustment, but it was always temporary.

Since seeing you, my neck has remained stable in spite of heavy yard work and bicycling with a 15-20 lb. pack of groceries. I’m amazed at how the adjustment has held and I am very grateful for your help.




Dr. R.H. Leach, PhD

L. Ac Lotus Medical Clinic, San Rafael, CA. Oct. 2011

I was experiencing severe neck pain, difficulty turning my head and severe arm pain to the extent that I couldn't use my arm, I was taking prescription pain medication to help me function. I could feel my spine was out of alignment so I sought chiropractic care. Dr. Danaher's method is unique, unlike any other type of Chiropractor I've been to, but I had my doubts.

After three sessions with him I was pain free with normal range of motion and no longer taking medication. I am immensely pleased with the results I received from Dr. Danaher, I do not have any doubts with his method or if it will work for me, because I know it will! I cannot thank Dr. Danaher enough.





Roberta D.

Novato, CA. August, 2012

One of my best friends referred me to Steve. She reported that her entire family had benefitted from using him. Her older daughter with scoliosis, her younger daughter with headaches, and she benefitted after a neck injury incurred in a car accident.


For more than a year I saw a chiropractor for chronic hip pain and occasional seizing of my neck. After seeing Steve only twice, albeit lengthy and thorough sessions, my hip pain is gone and my neck has not seized again.


I have heard testimonial after testimonial like this one over the course of the several years that I’ve known Steve. I feel extremely fortunate to be in his care.

Billie C. Petaluma, CA. Sept., 2011

When I was young, I developed scoliosis, which was very painful at times. For twenty years I went to a chiropractor once a month, and this helped control the pain.

Then a friend told me about Dr. Danaher and the NUCCA Spinal Correction Upper Cervical Health Care.

What a wonderful experience, after the first adjustment I felt tremendous relife. After only a few months of gentle help and a new understanding of my body, I am so happy with the results.




Patricia S., Kentfield, CA

November, 2010




I wanted to express my gratefulness for your kindness and exceptional care in healing my spine alignment problems. After four long months of running from one modality to another and getting nowhere and with no pain relief in sight, NUCCA turned out to be the most effective procedure for my physical problem.


You approached my physical crisis with such skill, patience, generosity and intelligence. It took just two adjustments to feel the relief from my back pain and another adjustment to make sure that my body was healing smoothly back to its optimal health.


You made a NUCCA believer out of me and I now clearly see how the NUCCA procedure in not only gentle and non-invasive but has true and lasting healing effects. Why and how it works totally escapes me but the proof is clearly in the amazing results.


Thank you Steven for bringing me back to life. Keep up the amazing work.


Most sincerely,

Patricia S.



Elaine G,

Petaluma, March 2010

I was referred to Steve from a friend whose 90 year old mother on hospice went to him for just 1 or 2 adjustments and began living again.

I had 1 adjustment and felt my foot, knee and hip pain improved. After 6 visits I have returned to activities such as hiking and biking without pain.



Laura J.


Marin County, April 2009


It is my extreme pleasure to be writing this letter of recommendation for Steven Danaher.

After suffering for 15 years with too often crippling lower back pain, my physician referred me to Dr. Steven Danaher.

In less than three months of adjustment with Dr. D., my back pain has subsided. I have unbelievably enjoyed almost one full year without pain!

My two daughters have seen Dr. D. with similar experiences. My eldest daughter, age 22, has had scoliosis since 12 years old. This situation has caused her constant back pain and burning. She has been absolutely pain free since her (only one) adjustments!



My youngest daugher, age 18, has a hairline fracture to her spine from a horse riding accident. She suffered from almost constant irritating pain in her back. Again, since her adjustments with Dr. D., she has been virtually pain free!

We have referred friends and associated to Dr. Danaher in the past year. Every single referral has enjoyed similar results from sometimes catastrophic, crippling pain.

My family feels blessed that Dr. Danaher has come into our lives.



Patti D., San Rafael June, 2009


NUCCA is the only modality I have found that successfully addressed a leg-length discrepancy, originally measured at 2 inches, which caused chronic pain in my low back and knee. I am now able to run, bike, and ski without pain, and am no longer dependent on wearing a lift in my shoe.

After a treatment from Dr. Danaher, I felt aligned and symmetrical in the way I walk, how I stand, and best of all, how easily I move through my days. Dr. Danaher is a results-oriented practioner, diligent in his care and dedicated to NUCCA -- because it works!



Cleo G.,

January, 2009

I have recently met and used the chiropractic services of Nucca practitioner, Dr. Steven Danaher in San Rafael. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and confidence Dr. Danaher showed in addressing my ongoing chiropractic issues. I was in a car accident almost a year before meeting Dr. Danaher and had been undergoing excellent chiropractic treatment for most of the previous year with another chiropractor. Although I received real benefit from the other doctor, my adjustments never seemed to hold very long and I had to continuously go to the office for treatments.



When I met with Dr. Danaher, I noticed an immediate benefit after seeing Dr. Danaher the first time and found that my first (and only) adjustment held much longer. I now have hope of becoming pain free and look forward to working with Dr. Danaher during 2009. I believe the Nucca method of chiropractic can help one get back their mobility quickly.



I highly recommend Dr. Steven Danaher to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor who will go the extra mile, but does not expect to see you come into the office forever! I think Dr. Steven Danaher can get patients results very quickly. He also showed considerable empathy since he has overcome considerable injuries himself. I was very impressed with Dr. Danaher's enthusiasm and compassion for my condition.



Kristina L., CMT

San Rafael, CA, January 2009

I was in the process of recovering from another whiplash when I met Dr. Steven Danaher. I had a fixated C1 and C2 vertebrae from previous whiplashes and was currently experiencing head aches , neck aches, and upper thoracic pain. Steve aligned my C1 and C2 vertebrae with 2 months and my headaches and upper thoracic pain dissolved. My chronic low back also improved greatly. I would recommend Steve to anyone experiencing any kind of sharp pain along the spine.



Jane D.

Terra Linda, CA, December 2008


Before I found Dr. Danaher, I had suffered with neck pain for almost 10 years. In all those years, I saw many different doctors, and tried everything, to no avail. So I resigned myself to neck pain as a constant companion. Fortunately, a mutual friend recommended Dr. Danaher. After the first treatment, I walked out of his office pain free. It was a miracle, and a revelation! In giving up, I had accepted pain when there was no need to. I encourage everyone to never stop searching, and to be open to those who have made use of their talent for healing.



Charlotte F.

San Rafael, CA, April 2009


I came to see Dr. Danaher with a severe pain in my left sciatic nerve which made walking difficult. Soon after my NUCCA adjustment I felt considerable relief and by the next day the pain was gone completely.


I believe that NUCCA is a gentle and effective form of adjustment and the only one I would consider using.



Connie M.

Corte Madera, CA, April 2009


Not only will you find Steve Danaher D.C. to be a genuine individual with the utmost integrity, you will find his NUCCA chiropractic service to provide you with long lasting results and relief. Dr. Danaher’s true intent is to provide for his patient the care and aid they seek and they deserve.


There are many excellent physicians one can encounter, but Dr. Danaher is so intent on his diligence as a chiropractic provider, you can’t help but to appreciate that his goal for treatment is unfulfilled until his sees the relief in your eyes and the positive change in your stature. Thank you, Dr. Danaher, for your interest and capabilities as a gifted physician.



Carissa W.

Petaluma, CA, April 2009


Initially, I was hesitant to go to a chiropractor, yet my

boyfriend had so many good things to say about Steve. I gave

NUCCA a try and after the first session, felt more mobility in

my neck. Laying on the chiropractic bench, I winced as Steve

used NUCCA and to my surprise, felt almost no pressure. My

trust in the NUCCA approach and Steve's care has continued to

grow over the past months. I have watched excitedly as my hips

straighten, my legs even out, and my neck comes into greater

alignment. I feel good about doing this preventative work now so

that, in 50 years, I will beat the odds in my family of having a

curved back and aching neck.



Linda S.

Humboldt County, June 2011


Thank you, thank you Dr. Danaher for a body free of pain! Thank you also for your professionalism, caring, kindness and concern. I have struggled with severe scoliosis since age 12 when my spinal “C” curvature was 25 degrees. I have never had surgery, but as the years passed the pain increased, and so did the curvature. I now have a curvature of 92 degrees (12 vertebrae out of alignment) at the age of 63.

Due to living with daily pain, I was referred by my local chiropractor to NUCCA. One adjustment by Dr. Danaher and I am pain free and am now sleeping through the night. During the adjustment there was almost no pressure. My body is straighter as my head and neck are now aligned. You are truly a gifted physician!

Note: First adjustment lasted for 2 months. -Dr. Danaher





Elaine G, Nurse Anesthetist


My hands, which have been numb for at least 2 years with a diagnosis of carpal tunnel, are also improving. My left hand is barely numb and my right hand is minimally numb. I am very pleased with my progress.


Thank you, Steve

San Rafael, April 2009 



Ann R.

San Rafael, CA, March 2009


I was impressed and pleasantly surprised that after only four visits to Dr. Danaher that my problem was solved. Especially in light of the fact that I had visited another local chiropractor, who does not use NUCCA, and he said I would need over 100 adjustments to get back into alignment. NUCCA is an amazing concept. I don’t know how it works but I’m so glad it does work.



Nerio F.

Glen Ellen, January 2009

Dear Steven, I have to thank you for the (one) treatment that changed my life. I had been in pain for more than a year before seeing you and after your adjustment and the great advice to ditch my chair and use an exercise ball my lower back steadily improved and has now reached a stable point. My mobility and confidence have increased dramatically to the point I went skiing! Thank you very much!

Ciao Nerio



Matthew L. Z.-B.

Novato, California

June 2009

Prior to NUCCA, I suffered many years of severe constant pain throughout my entire body. The pain I endured was the result of an auto-accident. I had a herniated disc at C3-C4, a bulging disc at C4-C5, and two bone spurs that were pinching the nerve endings in my spinal column causing me never ending pain.


After 7 months of physical therapy and multiple pharmaceutical medications, which did not help, I finally opted for surgery, when I was told by my doctor that I may end up paralyzed. The surgery minimized the pain for about a year. However, as time went on, the severe neck and back pain came back. Every time I turned my neck it would crack and pop out of out of alignment, which was extremely painful, not to mention embarrassing because every one around me could here my neck popping and cracking.


I found myself once again searching for doctors to help me. Whenever I made an appointment with a conventional doctor or physical therapist, the only advice I received was that the pain would never go away and eventually I would need another surgery. I found my self in despair asking the question: If the first surgery did not stop the pain how would a second surgery even help me?


A long time chiropractor friend recommended that I find a NUCCA Chiropractor. At first I was skeptical of NUCCA considering all of the ups and downs I had experienced with conventional medicine. To my surprise, after one NUCCA adjustment I was pain free. I now only make appointments with Dr. Danaher for an occasional adjustment.

When I first met Dr. Danaher, I could tell that he was a very compassionate, caring, and understanding person. Dr. Danaher has far exceeded my expectations as both a Doctor and a person. This past February, I sat for both the California and Washington State Bar Exams. It was my third time sitting for the California Bar Exam and first time sitting for the Washington Bar Exam. Dr. Danaher was exceptionally helpful during my studies. Dr. Danaher called me every week to check to see how my adjustment was holding and if he could help in anyway. Dr. Danaher donated his time and services each week to check my alignment, adjust my cranium, and administer cold laser therapy to reduce the stress and tension from my studies. With Dr. Danaher's help and care, I finally passed the California Bar Exam and was very close to passing the Washington Bar Exam, without losing my adjustment. I am truly blessed to have Dr. Danaher as my chiropractor and to know such an exceptionally generous and compassionate person who has not only helped me to live life pain free but has also played a pivotal role in helping me achieve my dream of becoming a licensed attorney in California.


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