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Linda S.
Humboldt County, June 2011

Thank you, thank you Dr. Danaher for a body free of pain! Thank you also for your professionalism, caring, kindness and concern. I have struggled with severe scoliosis since age 12 when my spinal “C” curvature was 25 degrees. I have never had surgery, but as the years passed the pain increased, and so did the curvature. I now have a curvature of 92 degrees (12 vertebrae out of alignment) at the age of 63.

Due to living with daily pain, I was referred by my local chiropractor to NUCCA. One adjustment by Dr. Danaher and I am pain free and am now sleeping through the night. During the adjustment there was almost no pressure. My body is straighter as my head and neck are now aligned. You are truly a gifted physician!

Note: First adjustment lasted for 8 months. -Dr. Danaher





San Rafael, CA April 2009                  

I was hit in a rear end collision by a large truck about two years ago, and suffered whip lash and started to h­ave a very sharp pain above my eye.  I had lived with the pain for over two years, until after visiting five different specialists, having countless X-rays, and head scans, I turned to Dr. Danaher.  After the first session he was able to completely eliminate the pain over my eye, and I was able to stop taking all of the pain medication that the other doctor’s had prescribed.

I have also had scoliosis since I was about twelve, and Dr. Danaher was able to completely eliminate the burning sensation in my shoulder, as well as the lower back pain and weakness I had from muscle strain.   Unlike most chiropractic methods, NUCCA actually stays with you, and the results are lasting.  I have been pain free for 7 months now!

It has been a true pleasure working with Dr. Steve Danaher.   I consider him an amazing healer.  His dedication to the practice of NUCCA is full hearted, and you will experience this every time you visit his office.  He gives each and every patient the care and concern they deserve, and this is why I would recommend Dr. Steve Danaher to anyone with any sort of back or body pain.



The most common type of scoliosis is idiopathic, which means from no known cause. I believe most of these cases are a result of an upper cervical misalignment, and are addressable with the NUCCA system. However dental/TMJ issues may cause a muscle imbalance in the upper cervical area, with the same result.

If scoliotic curves can be changed when the patient is young, permanent scoliosis may be avoided. However once the individual reaches skeletal maturity, much of the curve becomes permanent. NUCCA will often relieve most of the pain, and some of the incorrect curvature.

-Dr. Danaher

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