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Bioenergetic Imprinter Instructions

     The traditional method of using the imprinter is by placing one hand on each plate, and pressing the start button.  After 12 seconds the imprinter will sound a final beep. This method works well.


Most patients start with three uses of the imprinter per day, and then increase to 10-20 times spread out through the day.  For best effect, actuate the imprinter 2-3 times in a row, as in 3 actuations in one minute.  This is often done 10x-20x per day.


Those with autoimmune disease often experience a Herxheimer when first using the imprinter.  For auto immune patients I recommend using the imprinter once or tiwce per day for a up to a week.  After week one, patients should increase imprinter use up to 10-20 times per day.


An additional method is used with homeopathic remedies.  Specific remedies can be copied or imprinted into a Detox Box.  Be sure to also imprint the person's individual bioenergetic signature into the Detox Box as well as the chosen remedies.

     The loaded Detox Box is then placed on the INPUT plate, and the patient's hand is on the OUTPUT plate.  Imprint into the patient up to once per hour.  The loaded Detox box does not have to be re-energized with remedies.  It holds the copied remedies for a very long time, most likely for many years.

     Keep the imprinter clean, it will have no clinical effect if it becomes contaminated. Best to clean the imprinter occasionally with a small amount of alcohol and a cotton ball.  Many persons store and use the imprinter in the plastic bag that I ship with it.  This slightly reduces the effectiveness, but makes cleaning much easier.  Keep the imprinter in the bag, and once a week or so wipe down the outside with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.


The batteries usually last approximately 1,000 actuations, or about 6 months of use.   When the battery voltage starts to drop, the imprinter beep sound will change.  Eventually the Low Battery light will come on.

     The Detox Box can be used directly with the imprinter, and can be worn on the body. If worn, it has to be pressed against the body to work. Kept on a string around the neck works well. If used in a pocket, the Detox Box should be in a small plastic bag to be kept clean. Note that the Detox Box must be close to or pressed against the body, so if held loosely in a pocket there will be no effect.  It will work through a loose layer of fabric, but not much more than 1/8" of thickness.


The Two Detox Box Method

The two Detox box method is often used when trying to maximally boost the immune system.  First place a Detox box on the outplut plate.  Imprint into this box your own vibrational signature, plus any needed remedies.


Then move this "loaded" Detox box to the input plate, and place a new Detox box on the output plate.  Activate the imprinter.  Next switch positions of the Detox boxes, so one copies and amplifies the remedies into the other box.  Repeat this amplification and repositioning the Detox boxes for 10-20 cycles.  The theory is that these Detox boxes are now able to produce maximal positive effect upon the body. 


Note that once this multiple amplification process has been completed, the Detox boxes will hold their effect without having to re-imprint.  From this point forward, one only needs to put one Detox box on the input plate, and a hand on the output plate.  Imprint into yourself up to once per hour.

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